Voices in your head

When you fail to hear your breathing. You close your ears in an attempt of blocking all sounds but it is futile. For the voices are in your head does not give you the right to do so.

In a silent crowd you want to scream on top of your lungs, for a moment of serenity. While everyone going about their business, unaware of the voices in your head.

As the world gets quieter with the hour of night, the voices in your head gets louder.

Having a conversation and looking past your old friend because the voices in your head is screaming and throwing a tantrum demanding your attention.

You turn up the volume on your iPod shuffle, to deafen the voices in your head only to aggravate it.

Voices of echoing past you wish to bury and assumptions are pointless. It does you no good. It gets you to feel unpleasant feelings like anger, restlessness, frustration, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety.

The voices in your head has the power of destruction. Resembling a tsunami. Where an enormous wave washes over life and leaves tragedy behind.

It makes you want to break things, harm yourself and go crouch in one corner howling like a wounded wolf.

The voices in your head gets you to believe there is no hope for the future.

The real victor over life, is the one who has shut the voices in the head. Smiling in a crowd because they get to enjoy the voices around while there is pure silence within them.