Learning life from stumbling and falling

I have been around the sun 24 times that is significantly less than 60, so this post might be tad rich coming from a person of my age. There are people out there who have been through much more and lived through to tell the tale. However I have had my fair shares of hurdles and not jumping every one of them with ease.

Here are some of the things I learnt during my many crash landings while I was operating the aircraft so called Life.

Allowing myself to feel: Often we are taught to suppress our emotions and get ourselves together. That dagger through the heart feeling is what makes us believe we are alive. If you are in agony, acknowledge it and express it. Don’t hold back those tears and confide with someone you trust. There is a social stigma relating pain to weakness, rather suppressing emotions should be a shame. It’s very unhealthy and the feeling will come back to haunt you, only this time, 10 times worse.


Saying NO and learning to walk away: Identify the negative vibes in your life and then discard it. This can come in many forms such as people, relationships, places, social media and some of the activities you do on a daily basis. Nothing is worth that much if it weighs you down and affects your productivity preventing you to achieve your goal.

I elaborated about it on my previous post, Toxic People

Expand your knowledge: NEVER STOP LEARNING. The second I did this, I lost my will live. The feeling of negligence towards life drove me to pick up a book of genre out of my comfort zone and watching documentaries. Having the will to learn gives you the drive to move ahead.

Acceptance and forgiveness: Our dear pal, Life’s hobby is to throw obstacles towards us therefore our hang outs hardly ever goes according to plan. If something on the agenda wasn’t carried out and you gave it your best, forgiving yourself and accepting of the existence of a force greater than us. Hands down, one of the hardest challenge I have come across in this game. I have the uttermost respect for those who do it without any hesitation.

This also includes forgiving others who has done you wrong because…..




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