Home, where art thou?

What’s home for you? Where do you find yourself to be home? Is it just where you are living at the moment or where your loved ones are? These are the questions that’s been running through my mind for the past five months.

Having mentioned this in Hello Blogging! I am going to repeat myself, I was born in India, bought up in the UAE, spent the crucial years where you transact from a teenager to a mature adult in the UK  and recently moved to India with my folks. In result of all these moves I have loved ones scattered here and there. So where do I belong or more importantly where is my home?

I love Abu Dhabi, lived there for 18 solid years. I have many amazing memories associated with that city. Those cravings for Baskin Robins which was just across my street, coming home from my hockey practice, late night strolls at the corniche, those hang outs at the food court in Marina Mall, smell of shawarmas, taste of Za’atr every Friday morning, spontaneous orders of kebabs, the sight of Emirates Palace during our late night drive to the Breakwater, casually spotting a Ferrari at the red light, the glistening skyline of the city and of course the breathtaking view of a desert. Memories and tears came flooding as I typed that.

It’s just so beautiful! The city is just so familiar to me. I felt safe and confident when I would venture out on my own. All the aimless wandering around at 1 in the morning vouches for that.

UK will always be dear to me. It’s the country I lived in when I moved out of home. Oh the hospitality I received was immense! I got thrown into the deep end at the age of 18 and it’s then I learnt what life is. The night my father flew back to Abu Dhabi, there were there mixed emotions and it hit me I was here on my own, with no family or friends. I was forced to grow up overnight. It was amazing! If I had the opportunity of re-living that, I would.

I was exposed to a new culture, cuisine, sports, drinks, accents and various people from different parts of the country. I think the biggest culture shock to me was seeing the alcohol aisle in the supermarkets and accents vary from north to the south! It was overwhelming when I first moved to Hertfordshire. Taught myself how to cook, did my grocery shopping, managed all that money and the biggest challenge of all was getting used to the weather, yes Britain’s weather is no honky dory but boy do I miss playing hockey in the snow.

It was the phase of raw truth, I was transforming into an adult with the help of many friends I had made. It was a period where the harsh truth of life and the beauty of being independent slapped me across of face. I understood the beauty of letting go and I am so grateful for that. It’s the place that made me love and respect myself. The learning curve was steep. The United Kingdom made me the person I am today and I couldn’t be happier how that turned out to be.

In present I am living in India where my loving and caring parents resides too.

All my years I thought Abu Dhabi was my home but now I that I left it I am not sure. I was hoping to find the answer to my question towards the end of this post but I still yet have to. Think I need to experience life a little bit more before I figure this out.

Reading this, what do you think should define home for me? Where should I consider home? What defines home for you?



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