‘….it’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight….’

Heart pounding, pulse beating, sweat rolling, heavy breathing, blood rushing, calories burning, arms swinging and legs hurting. All of this going on while I have Survior’s Eye of the Tiger blasting in my ears through my headphones, feeling the heat and the wind from the sea. That’s right, I am talking about my everyday run in the Corniche (picture above, curtsey of Google). In midst of all these painful sensations I remember a friend telling me ‘What? you ENJOY running? What’s wrong with you?’ and I let out a tiny smile, while I wipe the sweat off my brow.

Honestly, what’s there not to enjoy about it? The heart pounding and pulse beating makes me feel alive, the sweat rolling and legs hurting reminds me to appreciate hard work and gets me realising the meaning of ‘no pain, no gain’. Running for me is more than just burning calories and getting my legs toned, although that is definitely a bonus. It’s the time of the day where I am disconnected with the world and I am left alone with my thoughts. It’s a way for me to recharge my battery and face the world again the next day. It’s a community you get yourself into unknowingly, ever had a runner by pass you with you a smile or a wave? I have had that and it feels great! It feels you are a part of something and encourages me to go through that last mile.

During my many runs, I thought I would be okay if I stopped a little but boy was I wrong. Stopping just made it harder for me to start again, running taught me that it’s okay to slow down once in a while but never to stop. It gives a sense of accomplishment, even if it’s a little one – for example you ran a mile extra or you conquered that steep gradient you avoid every time you go for a run. I would be lying if I said I have always looked forward to a run, I have had days where I just didn’t have the energy to do so. On those days I thought of the weird sense of satisfaction I get after I go running. Trust me that feeling is way better than the feeling to skip.

I have discovered a lot about my own city just by running. You will be amazed of the places you find when you change your route frequently. When I moved to Filton in 2013 for a year, I would take a few unknown turns and give myself the quest to find my way back home, I know it might be confusing for some people to think what was the point of this BUT for a person like me who is awful with direction and gets lost easy, this mini challenge was fun and gave a tiny amount of confidence boost. For me it’s a tool to get know a new place better, you tend to see more when you on foot.

There are cons to running, the obvious one is it gets boring after a while but something only looses it’s charm when we fail to bring something new to it.  Spice up your running routine by changing the music on your shuffle or running with someone or simply take a break from it coming back to it later Motivating yourself for a run on a day when you really don’t want to do requires determination and character.

Running is a metaphor of life to me, it’s gotten me through days I imagined I never could. It taught me not give up on goals just because it’s getting hard. I thank the day I was really bored and decided to go for a run to kill time. Little did I know then that an act carried forward to get over my boredom would do wonders for me in the future.



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