Hello Blogging!

So here I am after carefully designing my first blog ever, staring at the my Mac screen for a good 30 minutes with my mind going blank trying to figure out what my first ever blog should be on. I am not really big on writing infact during my IGCSE year, English was the subject where I scored the least in. I am comfortable with numbers and equations, that’s where I find to be home. So why I am I blogging? It’s because for the past 8 months or so I haven’t done anything new that made me challenge myself or grow! being unemployed with a masters degree can be mentally draining. So With Divenire playing in my ears I allowed Ludovico Einaudi lead the way and decided to go with the flow.

I am Deb, short for Debahuti. Let’s face it, no one would have the time to shout ‘Debahuti’ during a an unfortunate event like a fire. I am an amateur writer with a passion for aeroplanes, fitness, travelling and cooking. My posts will most probably revolve around these topics, unless my interests changes overnight. Born in India, bought up in the United Arab Emirates and spent the last 5 years in the United Kingdom has made me tad less ignorant about the world or at least I would like to think so. These past 8 months has been one hell of a roller coaster ride, think I will elaborate on that further in my upcoming posts.

Basically I am just like everyone else, fighting everyday not wanting to give up on life. I have fallen 100 times but gotten back up again 101 times. Trying my very best to keep my sanity, if someone reading this can relate then please do visit again. I think this is it for today. There is only so much dose of ‘Deb’ once can have in a post.

There is a mixed feeling of anxiousness and excitement every time I look at the ‘Publish’ button. I do encourage comments that are constrictive, so please feel free to leave one below. Anything will be appreciated that will encourage me to blog better.

So here it goes…..


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